Website Analytics

Do you know what people are doing on your website? Are people using their mobiles to visit your website? Where are my website visitors located? How is your website ranking in Google? This is where web analytics comes in. By installing special tracking software on your website, you can find all out and more. By using real time data, you will no longer have to guess and can make informed decisions about your website and your business.

We can set up an analytics account for you and install the necessary tracking codes into your website and start gather data straight away. We can set up goals for your website (e.g contact form submission, email link clicked, phone number clicked on mobile, a certain page visited) so every time your defined goals have been achieved it is noted and can delve deeper into what makes those goals successful to try and replicate the success. These goals can also be set up for online ads, email campaigns and social media campaigns.

If you have an online store, we can also set up special event tracking to see shopping behaviours (eg number of times someone visited your website before purchasing a product, abandoned carts) which can show you where your website needs improvement to increase transactions. We can also track product behaviours (e.g what products people are searching for on your website, which products are your top sellers, what products are being adding or removed from the shopping cart).

If you’re have some Google AdWords campaigns running, we can connect them to your analytics account to track how successful those campaigns are and help you analyse customer activity on your website once they have arrived from an ad. This information can shed light on how much of your traffic and/or business comes from AdWords, and help you improve your ads and website.

We can teach you how to read the data gathered and can also generate monthly reports for you to highlight the important stats found.

Please note that if you sign up to one of our affordable SEO packages, you get this service for FREE. If you want to get a free quote for getting analytics setup for your business, contact us on 0402 169 831, email us at: Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form.