The importance of visual branding for your business cannot be understated. Your visual identity is more than just design and colour choices, it is the very essence of how your company is perceived within the market space. Stationery, invoices, letterheads and statements for example, must all reflect your brand identity.

Business stationery is a small thing that can boost your business in a way that you wouldn’t believe. Your company does not use a lot of stationery?  You would be surprised that you probably use a lot more paper products than you originally thought.

Every business has invoices so there is a perfect example of a stationery item that should be branded as it increases the chances of repeat business. You should also have paper with your formal letterhead on it for whenever you need to print something out. Another idea is to have branded complimentary slips, maybe with a coupon attached, to throw into every customer’s order. The possibilities are endless.

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