Social Media Marketing for your Business

In February 2016, we saw 15 MILLION users on Facebook, 14.1 MILLION on YouTube, 5 MILLION on Instagram, 4.4 MILLION on Tumblr, 3.75 MILLION on LinkedIn, 2.8 MILLION on Twitter and 290,000 on Pinterest.

As you can imagine, when you include social media marketing to promote your business, you have access to a massive audience and you have also levelled the playing field between your business and the competition.

At Robico Web Solutions we can brand your social media messages with cover images, create social media campaign plans for you to follow or completely manage your social media presence online.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is all about engagement, communication and building relationships with your target audience and anyone can do this, regardless of their size or market position. This is what makes social media marketing such a boon for many small businesses on a limited budget, and who can’t afford the huge advertising budget of the large corporationsPut simply, social media marketing is about increasing traffic to your website or increasing customer engagement, using social media platforms. Social media networking is based on sharing information among followers in your own network, who then share this information across their own networks and so on.

Businesses can reach an enormous audience using the power of social networking, however you can only reach these lofty heights if what you want to share is actually sharable. This means that you need to create engaging content that people like and want to share with their friends, family and their followers on social media.

social media marketing

How can social media marketing help your business?

Tapping into this massive audience can seriously decrease your marketing budget, whilst increasing your profits very quickly – if it is managed correctly. Here are 5 advantages of using social media marketing for your business:

  1. Brand reinforcement: Increase your brand profile by publishing videos, images, photos, graphics and posts. This multiple layering of your brand across social media platforms establishes your business as a serious player in the market space.
  2. Lead generation: Increased awareness, engagement and recognition of your brand leads to increased lead generation, enquiries, sales and profits.
  3. Increased rankings: The more your expose your business to social media, the greater your content is shared, and the more your rankings will increase in the search engine results pages.
  4. Brand loyalty: The more you engage and interact with your target audience, the more your followers will understand and trust your business, and the more they will recommend your brand across their social networks.
  5. Customer insights: Interacting with your target audience gives you a deeper insight into their needs, likes and dislikes, giving you information that can be fed into your marketing campaign and the design of your products.

Marketing is one of those areas that can make or break a business, which is why social media marketing is such a failsafe way to promote your business. You can reach a massive audience very quickly, but there is a right and a wrong way to use social media.

Social Media Setup, Branding and Management Prices

  • Social Media
  • Facebook for $75+GST
  • Twitter for $75+GST
  • Google + for $75+GST
  • YouTube for $75 +GST
  • Pinterest for $75+GST
  • LinkedIn for $75+GST
  • Get it all for $400+GST
  • Social Media Branding
    (Design Only)
  • Facebook for $200+GST
  • Twitter for $200+GST
  • Google + for $200+GST
  • YouTube for $200 +GST
  • Pinterest for $200+GST
  • LinkedIn for $200+GST
  • Get it all for $1000+GST
  • Social Media Branding
    (Design & Setup)
  • Facebook for $250+GST
  • Twitter for $250+GST
  • Google + for $250+GST
  • YouTube for $250 +GST
  • Pinterest for $250+GST
  • LinkedIn for $250+GST
  • Get it all for $1250+GST
  • Social Media Management
  • Be present for $90+GST per week
  • Be involved for $150+GST per week
  • Be the trend for $275+GST per week

At ROBICO WEB SOLUTIONS, we can help your business build a solid and successful social media network that will put you in a prime position to grab your share of the market space.  Call Robico Web Solutions on 0402 169 831, email us at: or complete our online enquiry form.