SEO Copywriting

The best designed website in the world – with all the bells and whistles – is not going to be much good if your words on the page is boring, confusing or unengaging. You need compelling headlines, content that is stimulating and compelling and reaches out to potential customers. Our SEO copywriting is the answer.

Copywriting is a key part of marketing as it is used to persuade people to buy your products/services through writing compelling text. But copywriting is more then just writing, it’s about writing the right text for the right audience. As part of our copywriting service, we work with you to understand who you are wanting to reach and then find the right way to get your message across to them. We have created a range of copywriting packages which will help your business succeed.

Website Content

Robico SEO Copywriting

Content is the reason that people visit websites. If your website content is not informative, people won’t care if your website is well designed – they will leave. That is why you will hear the phrase – CONTENT IS KING. It is the single most important aspect of your website. We have the right formula for our SEO copywriting, where the website content we write for clients is both informative and interesting for visitors as well as optimised for search engines.

Benefits of having your web content professionally written:

  • it saves you time as we can write the content while you are busy working
  • gives a fresh prospective of your business which makes it very appealing to potential customers
  • Google loves high quality, original content

Blog Articles

SEO Copywriting for Blogs

Blogging is one of the strongest marketing tools that you have at your disposal. It gives you a platform where you can connect directly with your existing clients, find new clients and showcase your knowledge in your field of expertise. We can work with you to write SEO blogs which are written in your style but optimised with keywords to ensure to maximise your websites search engine exposure.

Benefits of having a blog

  • establish yourself as an authority in your field
  • Google loves websites with fresh content
  • better search engine rankings

Meta Tags

Meta Tag Writing

Meta tags are a very important part of SEO as search engines read them for their search results. Meta tags are made up of two components – title tag and meta description. The title tag is the link text that you see for each website (it is usually in blue). The meta description is shown underneath the title tag and allow you to describe what your web page is about in the most concise and accurate way possible. They should work together to entice people to click through to your website to read your content. If you don’t write proper meta tags, Google will create their own for you, which could be disastrous for you. Ignoring your meta tags lowers your chance of attracting online searchers to your website.

Meta tags benefits:

  • informs potential customers on what they can find on your website
  • entices people to go to your website
  • generate leads and increase conversions
  • increases your search engine rankings


eBook Ghost Writing

Do you have a ton of knowledge that you think would be beneficial to your customers? You can have an eBook professionally written for you by one of our expert writers and use it as a showcase for your knowledge. Offering a FREE eBook to potential customers is a great way to ramp up leads for your business as all they have to do is supply their email address to receive your eBook.

Benefits of writing an eBook:

  • generate more leads for your business
  • sell it and get some passive income
  • build your reputation as an industry leader

Affordable Copywriting For Small Businesses

  • Website Content
  • $100+GST for 1 page
  • $475+GST for 5 pages
  • $900+GST for 10 pages
  • Blog Articles
  • $60+GST for 1 blog article
  • $275+GST for 5 blog articles
  • $500+GST for 10 blog articles
  • Meta Tags
  • $50+GST for 1 page
  • $225+GST for 5 pages
  • $400+GST for 10 pages
  • eBook
  • $550+GST for a 5 page eBook
  • $750+GST for a 7 page eBook
  • $950+GST for a 10 page eBook

If you want to get a free quote for a custom copywriting package, contact us on 0402 169 831, email us at: Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form.