Business Letterhead Design & Electronic Letterhead Design

Letters are used to start and maintain contact with clients, which makes professionally designed letterheads a perfect way of capturing their attention and supplying them with your key contact details and maintaining your branding.

Your letterhead can be used on introduction letters, invoices, thank you letters, just to name a few.

What Makes a Great Letterhead Design?

Keep your layout simple

Ensure your letterhead design is easy to read as your letterhead design should be complimentary to the letter content and not the focus of the document itself.

Colours and Fonts

We ensure your selected colours and fonts in your letterhead design compliment your existing branding to make a lasting impression. White space remains a key element of any letterhead design.

How can I get my Letterhead designed by Robico?

For $175, we can design your ideal letterhead to help strengthen your business branding. Contact us at and to start the project we need your logo, your name, your title and contact details. We can also provide you with a quote to get your brand new letterhead printed for you.

For $225, you can have your letterhead design converted to an electronic letterhead, and you will receive your electronic letterhead as well as your letterhead design files in case you want to get your letterhead printed.