Keyword Research

What are people typing into Google to find products and services you sell? Without keyword research you are just guessing and potentially throwing away all your hard earned money on marketing efforts that aren’t reaching your ideal clients. Keyword research is the most critical part of SEO. Without it, you can’t develop the right content for your website or build the right linking strategy to get your website ranking highly on Google.

The way we approach keyword research is that we brainstorm with you to find out what products/services you provide, what you think people are searching for in search engines and who your top competitors are. Using this information, we use a range of tools we have at our disposal to find out if the proposed keywords are truly being searched as well as identifying a list of great keywords for you that not have high traffic figures but high conversion rate (meaning that people will be more likely to click through to your website).

Keywords should be reviewed on a semi regular basis as searching patterns change over time.  Approximately 30% of all Google searches performed every day are unique meaning that people have never entered that keyword before.  Also terminology can change over time so you need to account for how people are searching for your product/service.  Also you may expand your business so should do keyword research for the new products/services and/or new location.

Please contact us today to get a free quote on conducting keyword research for your company.  Please note that if you sign up to one of our affordable SEO packages, you get this service for FREE.